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Hey I'm Harriet, 18 and from London :) My main blog is youremylittlebitchh so it'll say you've been followed by that blog. If you want to know anything or want any advice please ask! I am not a weight loss blog anymore, I am aiming to gain muscle and accept that I'll gain weight doing that! Height - 5'6 SW - 127.4lbs CW - 114lbs UGW - It doesn't matter to me anymore, aiming to gain muscle!

Yeah so I’m really worried that I’m just not going to enjoy uni.

Freshers week is almost over and it’s safe to say I’ve cried a fair bit. The people are all lovely and I get on with them really well, the accommodation is good, the campus is nice, the course sounds interesting but I’m just not interested in doing it… 

Obviously I’m going to wait a few weeks until my lectures etc are in full swing because freshers week isn’t what life here is going to be like but at the moment I just don’t want to be here and I really don’t feel motivated to do any work.

I wish I’d taken a gap year urggg

cata-rguez said:

Hey! First of all, good luck on your first week! About what you wrote in regards to the gym.... Just sign up for it and then if you have a spare hour you may feel like going for a bit - make the most of being with the new people but I don't believe you'll be together 24/7 and you may feel like working out at some point. I'd say don't go strict this week but don't avoid it if you actually want to go :-) xxxx

Yeah that’s a good idea thank you so much for your help :)

Anonymous said:

i'd take this week off the gym just to get settled and so you don't feel too overwhelmed! Or maybe go just once to get settled and comfortable in the new gym, but I'd say focus on making friends and finding your wat around, which you will be great at! x

Thank you so much!x


Breakfast for lunch? Yes, please 🙏 Vegan protein pancakes with the rest of the banana, cashew butter and vanilla coyo. So good!

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I’ve arrived at Exeter uni! 

I was pretty overwhelmed when I first got here and I know that at some point I’ll definitely be missing home but I hope not too much… I’m nervous about it all to be honest! 

I haven’t yet signed up for the gym but will hopefully do that today. I want to try and make as many new friends as possible (obviously) and I was wondering if it really mattered if I didn’t go to the gym this week…?

I mean, I know that one week doesn’t make a difference and I don’t want to have to go if it means that I’m not spending time with my new friends!

Any advice?

Sorry I haven’t posted my intake for yesterday or today. Things have been pretty hectic as I’m going to uni tomorrow so things might be a bit slow for a few days! But I will be back posting asap :)

Anonymous said:

have you ever had a close friend with an eating disorder?

Yes I have and from my experience the most frustrating thing ever. Sad but frustrating.


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